Hack Outdoors

Hack Outdoors is where miscellaneous outdoor content lives in my ecosystem. I buy way too much outdoor gear. If a catastrophic event were to hit Los Angeles tomorrow, I might be okay. As long as I could MacGyver a way home using my Leatherman Skeletool CX, I bet I’d be just fine surviving in most environments.

Hack Outdoors stems from “hacking” the outdoors. Terms such as Bushcraft and Survival are used interchangeably, but root in being able to craft or make items around you into things that are useful. MacGyver would use this concept to rig up explosives or make a harpoon gun from items he’d find along the way. To me, that’s what bushcrafting and survival are; and what Hack Outdoors is centered around.

As a general concept, Hack Outdoors will feature not only survival tips and tricks for the outdoors; but also gear reviews, and outdoorsy DIY projects.

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