OPAnimals is a science-comedy blog about animals being “overpowered.” The term is shortened as “OP” in the gaming community to identify characters that are overpowered compared to other characters. The direct opposite of this is “squishy” to signify that a character is easy to defeat or kill.

In the context of OPAnimals, the tagline is “Animals are way too OP, Humans are way too squishy.” The site is intended to be entertaining in the way that it is written while having a basis in science and biology. My fiance is a biologist and we both share a passion for interesting animals. With my countless hours of watching Animal Planet or Planet Earth, I feel as though I can fill hours of interesting animal facts in regular conversation. Sometimes, my fiance and I will sit around talking about how fascinating something is, or try to make theories on why certain animals evolved to have certain characteristics.

OPAnimals will be focused on the badasses of the animal and insect kingdoms, hopefully landing a spot between entertainment and science.

A flavor of the comedic entertainment value is found in a titles such as “The Octopus is the Luchador of the Ocean” or “Hippo Mistakes Antelope for a Baddy.”


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