Stick Hunters

Stickhunters started as an eCommerce site selling archery products, bow hunting products, and archery accessories in 2015. After a successful first year as a dedicated eCommerce site, my manufacturer changed their pricing model, raising MAP prices as well as dealer costs. This bit too much into margins for making the effort worthwhile in 2016. For 2017, I’ve closed the eCommerce channel and changed this into a content site driving advertising and affiliate revenue. The inventory I had on hand is being listed on the Stick Hunters Amazon Store.

The new content move for 2017 will focus largely on the whole archery path, from a new to archery buying guide, to instinctive shooting traditional bows. Moving from the Shopify platform is a bit of a headache. As soon as you shut your site down, access to the raw content of your Shopify platform is locked. I’m still working on redirecting old content over to the new site, and retroactively populating old articles referencing Way Back Machine.

Being a week into content population, I’ve already seen some affiliate fees trickle in and gained some ad clicks from Adsense. As of this writing, the site has been up for about a week with total revenue being about $12. While this isn’t a life-changing trajectory, I’m interested in seeing how much growth this site can get. If anything, the project is founded in the perspective of actually enjoying a topic. I am, in fact, an archer and bow hunter and enjoy writing about the topic. The digital marketing aspect of Stick Hunters is a secondary passion to archery.

The game plan for this site is pretty loose. For now, I’ll continue writing interesting and relevant content within the topic, based on my own experiences. The content cadence will be cooking on slow-and-low with more work being put into getting the architecture correct.

stickhunters home screen